Product Data Management: Manage, Share, Review

Product Data Management: Manage, Share, Review

The average engineer loses 25% of their time to data management. That’s time wasted searching for files, recreating data, updating systems and answering requests.

PTC makes data management easy with a single view to the latest multi-CAD and product data. Securely share more consumable data with non-engineering colleagues through role-based, self-service applications and 3D visualization technology.

Now available in the PTC Cloud, PDM removes your burden of data administration and lets you get back to design.

MAP your Product Data Management process

Without effective product data management (PDM), product designers face daily challenges that distract them from key design activities. How are other companies addressing the issue? Are they facing similar challenges?

PTC surveyed 250 manufacturers of all sizes to find out and highlighted the results in this infographic showing:

  • Top concerns related to PDM solutions
  • Top capabilities looked for in a PDM solution
  • Type of PDM solutions in use today

View The Infographic Here

Recovering from the Trends Eroding Engineering Productivity

The complexity of today’s product development processes is impacting engineers firsthand. It puts more responsibilities on their shoulders and cuts into their productivity. Discover three key trends lending to this increased responsibility and how product data management (PDM) systems help to counteract them.

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Ensure Maximum Value from Product Data Management

According to Tech-Clarity, manufacturers who don’t use product data management (PDM) waste 25% of their engineers’ time. In fact, world-class manufacturers – those with the highest revenue and margin growth - are 30% more likely to use PDM. Download this Buyer’s Guide to better understand what to look for in your PDM solution based on:

  • Top concerns related to PDM solutions
  • Top capabilities looked for in a PDM solution
  • Type of PDM solutions in use today

Download the guide and get your engineers back to what they do best! Get your copy here

Make Your Product Data Work for You with PDM

Remove the burden of data administration from your engineers so they can get back to design. With PTC’s IoT-ready PDM solution, it’s easy to manage, share and review more consumable data with your non-engineering colleagues.

With PTC’s PDM Solution you can:

  • Improve data accuracy by tracking and managing all changes, revisions, and approvals
  • Gain efficiencies by providing a single view to product data
  • Improve productivity by re-using product design information
  • Enhance collaboration globally and with design teams/partners
  • Deploy on-premise, in the Cloud, or with SaaS

Find out more by visiting the PDM web page. View the ebooks, videos, product information and more to see how easy product data management can be. Learn more




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