Hip prosthesis

Hip prosthesis

Custom-made hip prosthesis STEM reconstruction with Mathcad and Creo Parametric Essentials

The work purpose
Development of a methodology able to automate the realization of a 3D model of the hip prosthesis stem, custom-made according to computer  tomography images (CAT scan)

Employment of Mathcad mathematical features to process input data and dynamically control the output geometry, taking advantage of Creo Parametric Essentials integration

The customer
Adler Ortho, company active in the
design and manifacturing of orthopaedic
surgery products:
›hip prosthesis stems
›hip prosthesis modular necks
›hip prosthesis cups
›knee prosthesis

Author : Ing. Massimo Arcolin

Date : 19-03-2018

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Hip prosthesis Hip prosthesis