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The four fundamental aspects that form the basis of our training itinerary for AEs (Application Engineers) are: technical ability, design talent, training to provide a deep understanding of product development processes, and a penchant for team work. In our firm the approach does not change according to the type of service provided to a client whether it be pre or post sales. Indeed, at Parametric Design our approach is always the same, namely:

> understanding our client’s need
> identifying the area in which it has occurred
> becoming part of our client’s workgroup with a view to collaborating and achieving synergy so that we can ensure that our know-how is transferred
> exploiting the strong interoperability of the solutions provided by the PTC & ANSYS products suite
> resolving the problem to ensure that the client is fully satisfied

Our skills portfolio is as follows:


Automation, mechatronics, process and lifting systems, planning and Design of consumer products, designing surfaces for free form shapes intended for industrial design and lighting technology.

Mathematics and “Shape”

Reverse engineering of complex shapes imported and converted back to native code, mathematical-type applications to be used for finite element calculations or for inclusion in a program, kinetic and dynamic finite element analysis, CFD analysis (Computational Fluid Dynamics), parametric and associative product configuration.

Approaches to Company process management that use Collaboration tools in an Enterprise Management environment.

Configuration Control System in modular Engineering Bill Of Materials (EBOM) management, configuring the Manufacturing BOM, implementing connections to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.


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Our Skill Portfolio

> Disruptive innovators

Our skills portfolio is as follows:

> Implementing all the product solutions made available by the PTC & Ansys Suite
> Customising work environments so that comply with our clients specifications
> Providing post implementation “Adoption” and “Mentoring” activities
> Implementing PLM environments complete with company product development processes being reviewed or rewritten
> Adopting vertical solutions within the company (in a PLM environment) with a view to promoting reliability, safety and sustainability



Some of Our Customers

> Being part of your success

Today all this allows us to create collaborative relationships with our customers, up to impersonating us in their company.