Training efficiency

>  Update your team's skills


The product is the main company asset. The end user is pivotal in the process of producing this asset. Companies often invest in purchasing great softwares but they save on training. This leads to use only marginally the potential offered by these tools.

With the word training we mean the acquisition of a method that brings radical benefits:
> Maximizing the return on the software investment by making optimum use of tools
> Increasing productivity by reducing the turnaround times to: produce designs, create documents, carryout integrated calculations, and distribute information and data so that they become integrated within company processes

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> We are a certified Technology Advisor


We are certified for the training of PTC & ANSYS products suite. Training can be held at our offices or at the customer site. We deliver also the “on the job” formula, working jointly on a project.

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together."


Vincent Van Gogh